About Us

Roof Repair Service

Any homeowner or business owner knows that eventually they will be dealing with the dreaded roof leak issue. At The Roof Repair Guy, we SPECIALIZE in roof leaks. The concept is actually goes a bit deeper than that even.
We built The Roof Repair Guy concept around roofing maintenance meaning, we have always wanted to help the customer get the most life out of their roof system as possible. A lot of roof systems that are experiencing trouble simply have not been maintained well and have been neglected. That is where The Roof Repair Guy comes in.....
We will inspect your roof, find your trouble areas and repair them, then see what we can do to breathe some more life into the system to keep it going until replacement is absolutely necessary. When that day comes, we do full replacements too however, our goal is to get the water off of your head fast and right and then assess what kind of help and support we can offer to get the most out of your roof system as possible.